The Birds and the Bees

Bee Brick in use

What you can do to help some of the UK’s threatened species.  

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to discuss the birds and the bees and no, I’m not talking about the well-known metaphor! This article highlights the plight of some of our beautiful flying friends who play an important role in our delicate ecosystem. The article explores how sustainable, wildlife friendly solutions can be incorporated into our homes to provide much needed nesting places for swifts and solitary bees.

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Patrick Wheeler on the Viessmann Vitovalor

viessmann vitovalor

I have always been interested in energy innovation and learning about alternative means of home heating. There are a number of options available that have a reduced environmental impact compared to the traditional gas boiler. But have you considered hydrogen? Hydrogen as a fuel is discussed more and more, it’s a hot topic throughout the HVAC and environmental communities and although the surge in battery viability has seen a slower progress of the hydrogen technology, there are viable products available in the domestic market. I interviewed Patrick Wheeler, Director of VitoEnergy to find out more about the Viessmann Vitovalor Hydrogen fuel cell unit.  Patrick had a lot to teach me about the technology, the sustainability and the financial viability for the end users.

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Top Ten Tips: How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of an Older Property

heat loss through house

If you live in an older property, chances are there is something you can do to improve its energy efficiency. A home’s energy efficiency is defined as using less energy to perform the same task (i.e. heating and cooling.) This Top Ten Tips list has been created with Victorian through to early 1950s homes in mind. Cost estimations have been included, based on 3-4 bedroom semi-detached properties. However, many of these tips will also be of benefit to those living in properties constructed up until the early 2000s, before Part L of the Building Regulations – Conservation of Heat and Power – was first published.

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Can you protect your home from the suns heat?

As England experiences yet another heatwave, it got me thinking about how the suns heat not only makes our homes hot and uncomfortable but can also have a detrimental effect on the materials from which our homes are constructed. The threat of global warming and climate change is very real and our homes are likely to experience more extreme temperature fluctuations over the coming years. I recalled my Futurebuild visit earlier this year when I witnessed a demonstration of where a product could be retrospectively applied to shield the fabric of our homes from the sun’s powerful rays. Following some research, I found what I was looking for – Nowocoat Coolingpaint.

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Methven Aio Aurajet Water Efficient Shower Review

I recently went on a short holiday break with the family and stayed in a wonderful refurbished cottage near Bridport in Devon. The cottage owner had achieved a sympathetic, quality finish whilst ensuring sustainable decisions were incorporated into the design. One installation that really caught my attention was the Methven Aio Aurajet water efficient shower in the bathroom. I enjoyed using it so much that I just had to review it for you today.

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