Methven Aio Aurajet Water Efficient Shower Review

I recently went on a short holiday break with the family and stayed in a wonderful refurbished cottage near Bridport in Devon. The cottage owner had achieved a sympathetic, quality finish whilst ensuring sustainable decisions were incorporated into the design. One installation that really caught my attention was the Methven Aio Aurajet water efficient shower in the bathroom. I enjoyed using it so much that I just had to review it for you today.

Why use a water efficient shower head?

Fresh, clean water is one of our planet’s most precious resources. As the world’s population continues to increase, so does the demand for water for drinking, growing crops, manufacturing, and keeping cleaning. Water conservation means the sustainable use of water to that it is preserved for future use by people and the environment.

Water efficient shower heads reduce the amount of water required for showering through the use of a flow rate regulator. Regular showers will use approximately 15 litres per minute (around 3-4 gallons of water per minute.)Surprisingly, some high-volume power showers can even use more water than a bath if you remain in the shower less than five minutes.

Interestingly, water efficient shower heads not only conserve water, but also provide the added benefit of reducing gas or electricity consumption as less water will require heating. Therefore, it is possible to achieve a saving on all utility bills when a suitable water efficient shower head is installed.

Introducing the Methven Aio Aurajet

In the past I have used a number of flow regulated showers in a bid to conserve water and in most cases I have found the result to be a little disappointing. The spray force is reduced, therefore the shower can feel unsatisfying and it take longer to rinse out shampoo, resulting in a need to take longer in the shower. However, this week I discovered that the Methven Aio Aurajet Shower is very different!

The Methven Aio Aurajet Shower regulates the water flow to 9 litres per minute (less than 2 gallons of water per minute) and has 20% more spray force than a regular shower, making rinsing hair and soap efficient and enjoyable. The powerful jet sprays are angled to split and collide, producing an atomised mist spray that feels like both a massage and a hug at the same time! The result is a shower that uses less water but provides twice the coverage and skin contact of a regular shower. Methven claim that their shower head technology produces 300,000 drops of water per second – impressive! Especially as the product is WRAS approved.

Aesthetically, the Methven Aio Aurajet Shower is stunning. The simple and sleek halo design is unlike anything else I have seen on the market. The specification for the shower states that its hydrophobic properties resist the build up of limescale, making it both function and look great for longer. The quality of the build is evident and assured, with Methven offering a lifetime replacement warranty on all of their Aurajet Shower heads and handsets.

I honestly don’t have a bad word to say about this shower. Some may dislike the fact that the shower head only offers a single mode of water delivery, but I cannot see why you would want to change it! If you are looking for a quality, water efficient shower, this might just be the one for you.

Looking to buy one?

Methven Aio Aurajet Shower Head Chrome and White

Methven Aio Slide Bar Wall Mount Handheld Shower Set

(Prior to purchase, it is worth noting that the shower is suited to high pressure supply only, at a working pressure of 1.0-5.0 bar.)