What a fascinating day at Futurebuild!

What is Futurebuild?

Whether you are a built environment professional or are looking to embark on your very own self-build project, the annual Futurebuild event does not disappoint. This free conference and exhibition, (previously branded as Ecobuild,) focuses on sustainable design, construction and the built environment and is the world’s largest event of its kind. This is my fourth year in attendance and I can honestly say that each year I am left inspired and overwhelmed by the breadth of information I have gleaned.

The overarching ethos is “plan for tomorrow by acting today”. Futurebuild is divided into eight zones or hubs, each of which is dedicated to hosting both seminars and exhibition stands on each of the following themes:

  • Waste zone
  • Buildings hub
  • Innovation hub
  • Interiors Hub
  • Materials hub
  • Off-site hub
  • Urban infrastructure hub
  • Energy hub
  • Vision@Futurebuild


This year I attended the event on the opening day and in true Laura fashion, planned ahead where possible. MY TOP TIP: To make the most of my time, I made use of the Futurebuild website to plan my day in advance and even book onto seminars to ensure I don’t miss out! There was a great spread to choose from, however I decided on the following topics (links provided where possible):

(NB: If you are a built environment professional, it’s great to know all of the seminars count towards your professional CPD – simply get your lanyard scanned at the beginning of the session, and Futurebuild emails you a CPD certificate!)

Exhibition Stands

Aside from seminars, one of my absolute favourite things about this event is being able to visit the exhibition stands and talk to the product innovators and business owners about what they do. In some cases it is even possible to observe live demonstrations of sustainable products in action. Some of my highlights included:

  • Gyvlon Screed – by Environmental Screed Solutions: An ultra-efficient screed for underfloor heating to improve performance, comfort and carbon/energy/bill savings.
  • Coolingpaint Roof – by Nowocoat: Extends the life expectancy of a roof and improves the interior climate, reducing the need for air conditioning (there was a great demonstration of this product in action under heat lamps.)
  • Sustainable Architectural Cladding Materials – by Low Impact Ltd: Beautiful panels made from recycled coloured glass bottles, used for external cladding and internal finishes.
  • Nudura wall system – by Nudura: Forms to create a structure of monolithic concrete sandwiched between two continuous pieces of EPS foam, resulting in superior energy efficiency, greater strength, and sound resistance.

To sum it all up…

Watch the video link below for an insight into some of the exciting treats I enjoyed whilst at the event. (You can even see me listening intently 20 seconds into the video – the “Material Innovation” seminar was so interesting that I had no idea I was being filmed at the time!)

DAY 1: Futurebuild 2019